Top 5 Fine Dining Restaurants in Mayfair

Top 5 Fine Dining Restaurants in Mayfair

Georgian townhouses, world-famous designer retailers, exclusive hotels, and the finest dining establishments. If you’re looking to bask in the luxurious elegance of one of London’s most famous upscale districts, you’re in the right place. Mayfair is in the heart of the West End, and it’s safe to say that there’s a palpable pulse about it when it comes to all things quality. Home to a dynamic fine dining scene, many Mayfair restaurants are known for pushing the culinary boundaries and challenging convention with their experimental approaches to food. How surprised would you be if we told you that Mayfair has more Michelin stars than anywhere else in the city?

Now that we’ve introduced the district, it’s time for you to tuck into our top 5 selection of fine dining restaurants in Mayfair.



The Hide is a restaurant and bar by Hedonism Wines and Ollie Dabbous, and it is for everyone and every occasion. Set over three floors, the restaurant’s interior will blow you away with its attention to detail, and it also offers diners a truly mesmerising view over Green Park. Here you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner in a refined but relaxed setting.

If you fancy diving into the tasting menu here, it’s worth taking a look at the remarkably diverse 70-page wine menu for the perfect glass to pair with your courses. Seeing as the Restaurant is in collaboration with Hedonism Wines, all guests have access to their 6,500 wine list, with bottles delivered directly to the restaurant by request. A delightful experience, to say the least!


Ristorante Frescobaldi

Ristorante Frescobaldi is the first standalone restaurant and bar in the UK from the famed Frescobaldi family of Tuscany. The interior gives off a comfortably glamorous vibe, and the dining room is tastefully decorated with hand-painted tile murals and oak-panelled walls, all working in conjunction to produce an authentic mood.

The food most definitely makes the cut, too. Whether you’re here to try the rich and gamey rabbit ragù, or the ‘Mmmmm’ inducing squid-ink risotto, your choice of dish is guaranteed to be delectable. The food here will most likely unlock new areas of your taste buds that you never knew existed. Lest we forget the wine – they have over 150 wines available by the glass, as well as the expertise to make an educated recommendation. You won’t be leaving this place in a rush.



Right in the heart of Mayfair, 34 is located just off Grosvenor Square with the entrance on South Audley Street. We’re not exaggerating when we say that this restaurant is a modern-day classic. The contemporary art collection gives the room a hue of warmth, although that could be the grill cooking up your next meal.

Yes, this is a grill restaurant, but far more eclectic than most. The A La Carte steak offering ranges from USDA prime steaks to Argentine grass-fed Angus, and even grade A5 Japanese Wagyu fillet. In true homage to the numerical name tag that this restaurant bears, you can also enjoy a seasonal three-course menu for £34. What’s more is that they have a Bloody Mary trolley, making for the perfect tableside accompaniment to your brunch.



Most fine dining establishments offer a few different menus for you to choose from, but not this one. Araki has one menu named Sushi Omakase, which roughly translates to ‘dishes selected by the chef’. It is highly recommended that you make a reservation beforehand for a chance of securing one of the ten available seats at the chef’s counter (that’s right, there are only ten seats available here!)

This is your opportunity to experience the world-renowned Edomae Sushi, which came about roughly 200 years ago in former Tokyo. Araki and his small team of chefs start early in the morning every day to prepare for the first sitting dinner arrivals at 6 pm, and every dish is served immediately, offering you a truly memorable experience.



Last, but certainly not least, is Benares – the restaurant and bar ranked amongst the top best Indian restaurants in London. Benares has a unique talent for changing the way people perceive and experience Indian cuisines, and the passionately dedicated team of chefs break with convention with each dish they conceive.

Upon visiting Benares, you will quickly realise the knack that the chefs have for seamlessly marrying British and South Asian ingredients to create a truly unique flavour and sensory experience with each dish that you try. They dwell on the bleeding edge of modernity while still taking tradition into account, fusing both elements in everything that they do, from the food to the elegant interior.

The restaurant has two floors comprised of a Main Dining Room and The Lounge, which is tucked away upstairs. The Main Dining Room is the perfect place to dive into the variety of menus on offer, while The Lounge is the ideal place for an authentic Indian Street Food experience, as well as the range of Signature Cocktails made by the master bartender. Private Dining is also an option, where you can even get the chance to sit at the Chef’s Table, granting you an exclusive view into the Kitchen where all the magic happens. You can take a 360 tour of Benares here, and you can view the rest of the magical dishes on offer by browsing the menus on the website. Don’t forget the wine list either!