The Best Indian Fine Dining Experience in Mayfair

The Best Indian Fine Dining Experience in Mayfair

There’s a dizzying variety of Indian fine dining experiences for you to choose from in London. An authentic Indian fine dining experience sets out to completely change the way you perceive and experience Indian cuisine, and we know the perfect place.

Benares Restaurant & Bar ranks among the top best Indian restaurants in London, and the reasons are understandable. Situated in the heart of Mayfair on Berkeley Square, Benares consistently showcase their talent for marrying tradition with daring modernity. This is modern Indian cuisine with a contemporary British twist that you will not find elsewhere.  So, what makes Benares the best Indian fine dining experience in Mayfair?

The Staff

Fine dining isn’t just high-quality food and polished silverware. There is a lot more that goes into a fine dining restaurant, with the most vital factor being the staff. The Benares staff always go above and beyond to enhance your experience, and they start with a friendly greeting while taking and hanging up your coat, then ding you to your table.

A trademark characteristic of the Benares service originates from a Sanskrit phrase “Atithi Devo Bhava”, which translates to “The guest is God”. This means you get the full treatment from the Benares team, which includes everything from synchronising the arrival of your food and drink at your table, to never pouring new wine into the same glass, and replacing silverware and napkins between courses. This is a sure sign of an organised team of staff who dedicate themselves to catering to your needs. After all, as a guest in a fine dining establishment, you are not just paying for the food!

The Food

There’s plenty to choose from at Benares. The Chefs are always coming up with new ideas and creations to feature on their menu. The creative process that goes into making each dish is a unique combination of researching regional dishes while digging deeper into native Indian cuisines.

A case in point is the Paneer Tikka, a delicious appetiser straight from the A La Carte menu. We would never call this dish a box Tikka, but it certainly does tick all the boxes. It features the British Colston Bassett Stilton cheese, bravely paired with Malai Cottage Cheese, making for a seriously cheesy cross-continental concoction of flavours. This is just one example of the courageous lengths the Chefs will go to bridge the gap between British and Indian dining.

Benares is also the only fine dining restaurant in Mayfair where you can get food to your table in around 10 minutes. That’s right, 10 minutes. This strictly applies to our Thali dish served in the main dining area. You can also get an authentic taste for some Indian Street Food, which is available in the separate lounge area of our restaurant. The lounge is the perfect place for a quick, reasonably priced lunch that’ll hit the spot, where you can also get a taste for the delicious signature cocktails we have on offer.

The Drinks

Food isn’t Benares’ only speciality – the Benares Signature Cocktail range will make your knees wobble. So, if you’re looking to lift your spirits even further during your visit, head on over to the elegantly lit Benares Cocktail Lounge. Here, guests can enjoy a variety of original drinks, like the Passionfruit Chutney Martini or the Green Spice Martini, to name a few. You can even keep up with the professional bartenders’ creative Seasonal Cocktails here.

Benares also offer Cocktail Masterclasses, where you can learn the art of mixing and shaking drinks. The Masterclass will also teach you new tricks you can keep up your sleeve when you’re looking to impress your friends or family. The classes accommodate six people at £50 per person and are held Monday – Wednesday from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

But that’s not all! Benares also features a well-travelled Wine menu, further adding to the beautiful fine dining experience ahead of you. Wine & food is always exciting, especially when an eclectic food menu meets a Wine selection as varied as this one. If you ever find yourself struggling to pick an option from the varied range of Wine offerings, speak to one of the accommodating sommelier team who will gladly help you select the best wine to go with your chosen meal.

The Atmosphere

There’s nothing quite like it. Benares’ vibrant pulse resonates far beyond its location in the heart of Mayfair. Upon arriving, you will be met with a towering golden entrance, along with some incredibly helpful staff who will take your coats, confirm your booking, and lead you into the main dining area. The main dining area is incredibly spacious and delicately lit, with a small tea light on every table. The napkins are meticulously folded, and ladies are given bag hooks.

If you’re coming in a group of 9 or above, you can book yourself in for an exclusive private dining experience in one of the four private dining rooms that Benares has to offer. These private dining rooms are available for exclusive hire, and they come with a carefully created selection of menus that celebrate the best of British and Indian seasonal produce. Some of the private dining rooms can accommodate up to 36 guests on one long table!

You can even book a private dining experience at the Chef’s Table, complete with a glass window overlooking the main kitchen, where you can observe the team at work and meet the creators behind the dishes. If you want a unique insight into the inner workings of the best Indian fine dining experience in Mayfair, Benares truly has it all for you to take in. Book your table at Benares now.