St Patricks Day Cocktails at Benares

St Patricks Day Cocktails at Benares

This is a cocktail that would make Arthur Guinness proud. Instead of the usual ‘pint of the black stuff’, give our Green Spice Martini a try this St Patrick’s Day.

13/03/2017 – 20/03/2017 this week has been classified as the week of the colour, indeed after the colourful Holi Festival, it is time to focus our attention on just one of the infinite colours of the rainbow; green.

Green is the official colour of Saint Patrick’s Day, the Irish Saint and founder of the first Irish church. His project was not an easy one; he had to fight for his belief, endure the torture of the Irish pirates and almost six years of captivity as a slave to herd and tend sheep. No matter, the adversity, he stood by his God and his mission.

This year we gave our Head Bartender Stefano, a very demanding challenge, to create a proper Indian flavoured cocktail; the result of his mission was achieved with the Green Spice Martini.

This weekend, let’s celebrate the victory of Saint Patrick with one of our signature cocktails. The idea behind the creation of this cocktail is to engage, to prepare and to please your palate. Therefore, it is the perfect alcoholic amuse bouche that perfectly pairs with our Indian Street Food.

Our Green Spice Martini is a simple cocktail poured over a martini cup. Nevertheless, as its name implies, its bright colour hides a rich taste of coriander, cumin and ginger. Those are the well-known spicies which run Indian dishes. Could you ever imagine a curry without it?!

In regards to the taste, it is a very refreshing and has a very captivating lime-like flavour. Moreover, our revision, include our homemade Lemon & Ginger Tea foam. To keep the tradition, we only used the natural Indian Tea range,  JING Jasmine Tea.

On the top of the foam there is a coriander leaf which will give the final touch to this adventure of taste.


This St Patricks Day cocktail offers your pallet a warming zing of Indian flavours with a nod to our Irish friends.

Sláinte! From Benares restaurant