Green Spice Martini


50ml Vodka
20ml Lemon juice
15ml Coriander & Cumin syrup
12.5ml elderflower cordial
3 dashes of ginger juice


Add all the ingredients in a shaker, give it a nice shake and double strain it in a martini glass garnished with a dehydrated chilli.

Coriander & Cumin syrup

Roast cumin at 100 degrees until it starts to smoke and turns darker, after is roasted put it aside to chill down. In the meantime we add in a pan 700ml of water at 80 degrees, as soon as it starts to heat it up add 1kg of sugar and we let it dissolve (making sugar syrup), after let it rest until the temperature goes down to 60 degrees.

Then add 2 bunches of coriander (approximately 250gr) and cook it around 60 degrees for 3-4 minutes, the water must never boil.

Add in a blender the sugar syrup with cooked coriander and the cumin and blend it for 5-10 minutes until there are no more pieces. Strain it through a blue clothe and a strainer, to avoid any pieces to go through. After the syrup is well strained, it must be cooled down to room temperature (in ice or freezer) and it can be kept for a maximum of a week.


Cut chillies in half, remove the seeds, deep fry them for 15 seconds and then, without drying them, add lemon juice, masala chaat and sea salt. After dehydrate them overnight.
As an alternative, you can cook them in oven at 40 degrees for few hours until they are crispy.