Cured Sea Bream and Oyster Chaat

Cured Sea Bream and Oyster Chaat

Inspired by street hawkers of India, selling chaats with all their passion in shade or shine,
rain or snow, they don’t stop touching millions heart.

A- curing fish and peeping oyster

• Sea Bream 140 gms
• Sea Salt Flakes 10 gms
• Castor sugar 10 gms
• ½ Lemon zest and juice
• ½ Orange zest and juice
• Coriander seeds 2gms
• Black pepper corn 1 gm
• Chilli flakes 1 gm
Crush salt and spices and rub over fish fillet.
Refrigerate for 2 hours, wash the fish, remove the skin and chop into 1/4-inch dice.
• Oysters (dinners choice) -4 no
Shuck and chop the oyster and carefully pour the oyster juice on the chopped fish.

B. Roasted mango dressing ( aam panna)

• 30 gms Raw mango roasted or boiled and then pulped
• Roasted cumin powder 2 gms
• Black salt 1 gm
• Salt 1 gm
• Red chilli powder 0.5 gms
Roast / boil raw mangoes and scoop the pulp
Add 100 ml of water and all the spices and seasoning
one quick boil and let it chill over ice.

C- Lentil Perl’s (boondi)

• Gram flour 20 gms
• Salt 2 gms
• Soda bicarbonate – 0.1 gm
• Kashmiri red chilli powder 1 gm
• 2-3 spoon of water to make a smooth paste
• Oil to fry

Make a batter with all the ingredients except soda bicarbonate
let the oil reach 180-degree celsius
Fold the smooth batter with soda bicarbonate
Pass the batter with perforated spoon directly on the hot oil to form pearls
Strain pearls and put in into paper towel

D- Finishing ingredients
• Dutch red chilli- 2 gm
• Ginger fine chopped 2 gm
• Coriander fine chopped 2 gm
• Mint fine chopped- 1 gm
• ½ Iime zest and juice
• Avocado ripe -1/4

Mix all the finishing ingredients in to prepared fish and oyster,

Stir with roasted mango dressing, zest the lime, squeeze the juice in the mix.
Divide the mix equally into shells of oysters
Finish with slice of avacado and lentil pearls
Lastly serve the chaat over bed of ice