National Curry Week at Benares Restaurant

National Curry Week at Benares Restaurant

National Curry Week at Benares Restaurant

Foodies rejoice! We think this might possibly be best week of the entire year, as between the 9th and 15th of October we are not only celebrating Chocolate Week, but National Curry week as well.

Aside from knowing that the dish sits alongside an Indian repertoire and is generally found in a curry house, have any of us ever stopped to think about the origins of of the dish and why we have developed such a love of spiced food in this country? Where does our relationship with the ‘curry’ come from and why is cooking a Thai green curry so different to sitting down to an Indonesian Korma, a Caribbean goat curry, a South African bunny chow or a Malaysian rendang?

Wherever there is curry, there is chef Atul Kochhar. Chef Atul explores the curries of the world in his fascinating cookbook from India, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Singapore, East Africa, the Caribbean, Burma – and, of course, Britain. Your Curry Bible for National Curry Week 2017.

Atul Kochhars cookbook Curries of the World

This is a book for spice lovers of all cuisines. Curry remains one of the world’s most popular dishes and Atul’s collection of mouth-watering dishes does more than enough to convince us why. There are over 100 recipes show curry in all its fantastic forms, from mild to hot, continent hopping to reveal how one country shares with and differs from the next. A collection of inspiring, intoxicating spiced dishes that cover meat, fish and vegetable curries from all corners of the globe: this promises to be a book you will cook from again and again over Curry Week.

If you want to join in, why not make your own curry with the help of Chef Atul Kochhar to celebrate this delicious culinary week.