The 12 Most Instagrammable Places in London

The 12 Most Instagrammable Places in London

Regardless of who you are and why you’re visiting London, the Big Smoke is the one city that has something for pretty much everyone. 

If you’re interested in sight-seeing, you have your pick of castles, towers, and museums, as well as historical landmarks. There’s an interesting place to photograph for every kind of person. If you’re an adventurer in search of day trips, excursions or just chilled out parks, you’ll find everything in London. If you’re looking to party the night away, some of the world’s greatest clubs and bars ring in the night in the East End. 

If you’re hoping to come home with photos on top of your awesome memories, this article has a list of some of the most instagrammable places in London. Be sure to bring your photography A-game and enough memory to carry all the great shots home with you. 

When you’re done sight-seeing, or you need sustenance to keep you going, there’s no shortage of world class restaurants and cafes near each of these places. Whether you’re a local tourist or you came from afar, this list will inspire excursions for days. Read on about the most aesthetic places in London and plan your itinerary accordingly. 

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Places to Go Sight-Seeing

Wear comfortable shoes, carry your camera and prepare to learn a lot about Great Britain’s rich history as you visit some of these iconic spots. Britain has a dynamic history and culture, and these tours will give you a front-row seat to places where the world’s history was written. 

1. The British Museum

The British Museum is home to a collection of the world’s most famous antiquities and artefacts, and the building’s architecture is something to behold. What’s more, it’s free to enter for a personal tour. You’ll see the Elgin Marbles, the Rosetta Stone and the Lindow Man among other memorabilia. 

From art exhibits to colonial relics of the past, this collection is so immense that you may need to cherry-pick the exhibitions to visit and return on another day to see more. Alternatively, you can take several hours of your day to immerse yourself in the museum, either perusing the galleries alone, with a friend, or in a group tour. Audio guides are available for rent, and there are daily and weekly tours highlighting various aspects of the museum. 

The museum is open from 10 am to 5.30 pm every day except Friday, when it closes at 8.30pm. There are exhibitions which you must pay to access, and you can make purchases at a gift shop inside. 

If you’re hungry, take your pick from the three on-premise eateries, or hop on the Tube for a fine cocktail elsewhere in the city. Alternatively, you can dine more formally at the Great Court Restaurant. Be ready to dress up and make a reservation, especially during peak tourist seasons. 

2. Churchill War Rooms

Our list of the most Instagrammable places in London continues with the Churchill War Rooms. A photo spot in London perfect for history buffs, these are underground bunkers where former British PM Winston Churchill and his war cabinet sheltered from bomb raids in the Second World War. 

Travellers describe this maze of corridors and rooms as fascinating, much bigger than they thought, and full of information and noteworthy exhibitions. 

There’s a café at the museum, but the lines can be long when the place is full. Be sure to get there early so that you don’t wait too long. Book your ticket online in advance, and you’ll save a few pounds off the £21 entrance fee for adults and half that for children aged 5-15 years. Admission includes audio guides. 

3. Tower of London

Don’t judge the Tower of London too quickly. Its unremarkable and dull exterior covers a world of treasure bustling with activity. There are multiple towers, a dozen of which remain open to the public. This is an interesting place to photograph because of its long history and political significance. The decay of the building makes for some fascinating close-ups.

You can learn the history of the monarchy and see the crown jewels on exhibition, including the Imperial State Crown. The Queen wears it to the State Opening of Parliament. If you have some time, you can take one of the tours led by the tower guards, called the Yeoman Warders. Enjoy fascinating tales of the tower’s bloody past (cost included in admission ticket).

Finally, pass by the White Tower, which is the icon of London’s heritage and a famous castle worldwide. The White Tower hosts the 350-year-old Line of Kings exhibition, as well as artefacts from Henry the Eighth, James 2 and Charles 1. 

Admission fee is quite high – £26.80 – but past visitors emphatically state that it’s worth every penny. Recent visitors strongly recommend staying for the Yeoman Warders tour. Buying an advance ticket online can save you some money. 

4. Buckingham Palace

Of course, no visit to London’s greatest landmarks  is complete without a trip to the Queen’s London residence at Buckingham Palace. A popular photo shop, the palace is open for public tours (except for her private quarters) all through the summer and parts of spring and winter. 

You’ll be able to visit nineteen State Rooms that host guests for ceremonial, official and State affairs. 

The palace is opulently decorated with unique chandeliers, paintings from the Renaissance, candelabra, and French and English-style furniture. You’ll see some of the most remarkable pieces of the Royal Collection and visit rooms in which history was made. You’ll see the Throne Room, where Prince William and his bride Duchess Catherine Middleton had their official wedding photographs taken. 

Take advantage of the audio tour guide and wear comfortable shoes so that you can walk around comfortably. The palace advises setting aside at least two hours for the tour, and that you ensure to use the facilities before the start of the tour. The palace has public restrooms in the garden only. 

5. Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road Market is located in the posh neighbourhood of Notting Hill and is considered Notting Hill’s main street. This market has a unique aesthetic, and teems with over 1,000 merchants selling various flea-market price antiques, jewellery, art, food, and clothing. It is adorably colourful and bustling with activity, and is the best place to get all your shopping and knick-knacks for gifting. With lots of passersby, this is a great urban photography location in London.

You’ll find some of the most quintessentially English collections at this photo spot, including vintage tea sets, Banksy recreations, and other quality souvenirs. The market earns its place as the world’s largest market for antiques. If you love fashion, be sure to hit the Ladbroke Grove Tube Stop, where the best clothing samples and vintage attire are found. 

You’ll enjoy the market’s lively atmosphere as well as the wide selection of food stalls to sample different kinds of food. The stalls offer high-quality food but make a point to check out restaurants along the street, which serve excellent British and international cuisine

Take care of your belongings; pickpockets run rife in the bustle of a full market day. The best day to enjoy the Portobello Road Market in its fullness is Saturday. The rest of the days have select stalls open, but the experience isn’t the same. 

6. Westminster Abbey

Our list of popular instagrammable places in London would be incomplete if this stately church wasn’t mentioned. Westminster Abbey has graced many coronations and royal weddings since it was built in medieval times. 

Expect the church to be busy regardless of when you visit, and so the guide staff will move you along pretty fast. Visit their website in advance to figure out your personal must-sees so as not to miss them.

If you prefer to think in the Abbey at your own pace, but you still need some guidance, you can download an audio guide online for free. For five pounds, you can take the 90-minute tour by Vergers, which includes the Royal Tombs, Poets’ Corner, the Nave, and the Cloisters, among other sights. 

The Abbey can be fairly crowded, and you’re not allowed to take any photos inside. Still, the gorgeous architecture outside the Abbey makes for a great photo spot. It’s essential to check the website for scheduled closings when the public isn’t allowed in. Purchasing your ticket in advance saves a few pounds, and the visit is covered if you have a London Pass. 

London’s Best-Kept Secrets

Once you’ve hit the famous spots, you might be interested in these little-known yet majestic sites. The icing on the cake is that most of these places are free to visit, and you’ll be glad to have featured them in your itinerary. 

7. Fine Dining in Mayfair

Mayfair is a quadrant of London best known for robust architecture, classical art traditions, and of course, Michelin-star cuisine. This is an aesthetic place for those drawn to luxury. Local chefs often blend multiple culinary traditions, including Mediterranean, French, and at Benares, Indian. After perusing the exquisite gardens, visiting classical musician George Handel’s home, or attending a show at the Royal Academy of Arts, sit down to enjoy street food classics like samosas and momos, or check out the season’s tasting menu. This is the perfect photo spot for those who enjoy capturing an artistic plate to be devoured by multiple senses.

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8. Camden Passage

The Camden Passage is yet another antique market that was opened in the 1960s with a single shop. Today, it boasts more than 200 dealers selling a variety of curios, furniture, knickknacks, and war memorabilia. With quirky antiques and a bustle of people, this is certainly an interesting place to photograph.

In the vintage shops, you’ll get anything from exquisite gowns to party outfits for a fun night out. There are independent boutiques and quaint cafeterias as well as a wide range of arcades, malls, shops, and markets. The best trading days and Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

9. London Pie and Mash Shops

It doesn’t get better than getting a traditionally English plate of pie, mash, and famous English green liquor. Enjoy it with a wide of jellied eels if you have the stomach for it. There are many pie and mash shops, so this list has a few. Each has a different take on their delivery, but all are guaranteed to give your authentic English food. This is also a great urban photography location for those who want to capture local culture.

10. The Thames Path

You know about the River Thames, but this 40-mile stretch has some quiet spots that hold London’s best-kept treasures. Some of them are out in the open, while some are hidden. This is a particularly aesthetic place for those who like to stay active. If you like biking, you’ll appreciate a chance to cycle down this path (it’s very long though) using one of the rented bicycles available. If biking isn’t your pace, take a long walk and use this as an opportunity to practice your urban photography skills.

There are also public beaches to enjoy in the spring and summer, and you can visit one of Charles Dickens’ favourite pubs (The Prospect of Whitby). A three-course meal at the Banyon on the Thames is just twenty pounds, and you can also visit the Peace Pagoda and Battersea Park. 

11. The London Food Tours

If you’re a foodie, spare 2-6 hours of your time to embark on a London food tour. As one of the world’s greatest culinary capitals, there’s a host of food options to enjoy. 

Choose between the chippies (fish and chips shops) or have English tea at Harrods. Delve further into London’s eclectic culinary offerings with the offerings on a guided tour. 

One of the most popular options is the London Food Tours, which gives neighbourhood themed tours. Tourists will enjoy the authentic local life and food experience. There are many tours, such as the Twilight Soho Food Tour and the East End Food Tour. 

Alternatively, you can go to London Food Lovers, whose specialty is to make tourists feel like locals on their tours. The modern Taste of Britain Food Tour promises classic British cuisine while the Jack the Ripper Happy Hour Tasting Tour will introduce you to the more than 250 nationalities and their cuisine. 

The Indian Food Tour passes through the bustling Brick Lane thoroughfare, while the London Bridge Food Tour covers the well-loved Borough Market. Brick Lane is known for its traditional South Asian food, whereas more elevated Indian food can be found at restaurants in West London.


There you have it! This is by no means an exhaustive list of the most Instagrammable places in London – no single article could ever cover that. But if you want to combine great photos while still experience British culture and history, let this list be a guide.

If this is your first time visiting London, take some time to research the best places online depending on your tastes and preferences. There’s always still more to see and do – you’ll only be limited by the amount of time you have in town. These were some of the best places for photography in London, but don’t forget to enjoy while you’re there, too.

Be sure to hit up some markets, go on a food tour and catch a glimpse of British history at the palaces or towers or even the Abbey. On a chill day, walk around London’s famous parks. Oh – and take the tube, so you can save up and attend formal high teas or formal dinners at famous restaurants as well. 

Whatever you do, don’t choose a hotel offering full board – you’ll limit your chance to experience the many food options to be found in London. Pay for bed and breakfast, or bed only, and this way you can go around sampling all kinds of authentic British and international cooking. Don’t forget to visit Benares Restaurant and Bar for modern, Michelin-star Indian fare.

Happy Instagramming!

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