Benares voted one of the best restaurants in London

Benares voted one of the best restaurants in London

The best restaurants in London

Although it’s hard to know exactly how many restaurants are currently operating in London, taking a pick of the best restaurant among the tens of thousands that do exist is a daunting challenge.

According to some estimates there are well over 30,000 “food serving establishments” in the capital, and some 205 McDonald’s that lie across the city. A better guide might be statistics from the Mayor of London’s office which estimated the number to be at least 17,000.

But the point stands that you could dine in a different restaurant every night for the rest of your life in London and still have a list as long as your arm to tick off.

And although there’s something magical in that and it’s a trait that few other cities around the World can boast, when it comes to finding the Crème de la Crème, the best of the best, sometimes you just want to get straight to the punch.

So with the experience of more than 300 London restaurants under his belt, The London Economic (TLE) food editor Jon Hatchman takes his pick of the top 10 and Benares proudly features.  We present to you the best restaurants in London.

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