Benares Indian Street Food

Benares Indian Street Food

Bringing Indian Street Food to London’s Mayfair

Looking for something cheap and bursting with flavour in London’s Mayfair is now easier than ever with the Benares Indian Street Food inspired menu.

Our unique five-course ‘street-food’ style sharing menu pays homage to the various regions of India and their distinctive street food characteristics. The dishes are presented as they were originally intended with a touch of Benares’ Michelin-starred flair and elegance, and have been designed to be eaten by hand.

The street food menu is inspired by the Benares chefs’ hometowns in India and in particular by the traditional Indian hawker stalls that reside therein. Familiar street food dishes such as Pani Puri and Chicken Tikka are given a slightly more refined Michelin touch but the essential elements and preparation techniques of the dishes are respected.

Traditionally enjoyed in a more informal setting, the Benares Street Food Menu will be served in the bar and lounge area. Stefano, our head bar man has created a list of cocktails that pair beautifully with the dishes.

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